Yoga in Rishikesh

Yoga means "Addition", to add yourself to God. Yoga is a systematic and scientific creation which needs practise and unconcealed attitude. A litre of milk has some butter which can not be seen, when we churn milk, we find butter. Same, there is a pure atma (Soul) in your body, which can be seen after practising yoga and meditation. This is very hard to control mind (what we think), words (what we say) and body (what we do). One who can do this will be free for always. Yoga is not some asanas like Sarvangasana or chakrasana, Real yoga is "Controlling the mind".  

 Residential hatha yoga teacher training in 100 hours, 200 hour, 300 hour and 500 hours registered with Yoga Alliance USA. Yoga is more than asanas and more than Yoga-TTC time period like (30 days). Actually, yoga starts when you left us all. We wish you a better yogic life after teaching you complete Indian style yoga. Our Yoga-TTC includes accommodation, certification, satsang, music, asanas-pranayamas, temple darshan and much more. We believe that Yoga can be learned by watching videos but a complete yogic life can't be learned without living a yogic life.

Yoga in the Himalayas

As we know, spirituality has a unique journey from voluminous to micro-element. Both situation either voluminous or micro-element, a yogi may be in illusion. So, this unique journey needs planning or a yog-guru who can plan. A right or wrong use of Yoga can be done by anybody who is expert in Yoga but the use of Aantrik Shakti (inner-power) can only be done by a Sad-guru (Yog-Guru). Because sad-guru knows about Satya (Truth). Guru has a unique meaning. Gu = darkness, Ru = Way, Guru means "The way from darkness to light". Yoga in Himalayas is the dreamt life experience for everyone. We are providing yoga in Himalayas India, where your day starts with a beautiful glimpse of covered snow Himalayas mountains. The day starts with Karma Yoga and ends with Bhakti Yoga. Daily morning pooja-aarti (morning worship), satwik bhojan (Vegetarian Food), su-vichar (Good thoughts), su-karma (Good works), su-sangati (Good friendship) and every that moment which occurs in an Indian Yogic Life. Get wet with bhakti of God who is our real aim.
Nothing else!

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